Thought I would give the ARES a try again.

(Michael Coley) #1

Thought I would give the ARES a try again. It has been a while since I’ve used it. Brief history: replaced mega/ramps board due to short, over a year ago and updated Octopi. I actually updated OctoPi for the second time bringing it to the most current version.

Several days ago when this adventure began, I was unable to SSH into the Raspberry Pi board for some reason. I opened up the top the of base and removed the RPi instead of reaching my fingers into the center hole. I can say that removing the RPi is quite easy and I now prefer this method if I have to do it again in the future.

Got Octopi running and was finally able to SSH in to the command line interface. For whatever reason, the wifi module began working again. Connected the RPI to the Mega/Ramps and something just didn’t seem right.

I decided to re-flash the Mega/Ramps board again to see if this would correct the erratic behavior I was getting in the axes. What a nightmare. I kept getting multiple compiling errors and this was very frustrating. After some research, I learned that some of the code used in the original modified Marlin firmware has depreciated and is no longer accepted; therefore I was unable to compile and load he firmware onto the Mega/Ramps board.

I finally read a thread suggesting to install Arduino 1.0.6 and try that. It worked! So, if anyone has to reload the firmware make sure you are using the 1.0.6 version of the Arduino IDE. I hope nobody has to but If you do, I hope this will save you some time.

The ARES is rocking again!!! I really like the quality of this printer. There is a large demand for lego themed projects in my household :slight_smile:

(Robert Parker) #2

Marvelous, glad you had the patience for that. Mine is still working , knock on wood. Maybe you can post the files as extra content in case of a failure ? Happy Printing

(Michael Coley) #3

Hello Robert. Thank you for the encouragement and I’m glad to see your original Ares is still active. If it wasn’t for me trying to change out the connector while the machine was on I’d probably be original as well.

As for the files, I was lucky to have saved the firmware files back when the website was still available. However, Yuan LIU and another forum member have already archived them here in google+. In fact, it was easier for me to use their download link than it would have been for me to locate my copy. So, I did exactly that. That leaves OctoPi and the Arduino Installer. Where you referring to one of these? Additionally, the instructions on how to edit the Marlin “bug” (time.h file) has also been posted in the file archive as a document.

(Yuan LIU) #4

Speaking of quality, someone recently posted a 3DBenchy from newly unboxed Prusa i3 MK3, the gold standard of low-cost 3D printers. From the side shown, my many 3DBenchy tests from Ares really have the same quality.

(spiglys petraitis) #5

I just want correct that is not necessarily have arduino 1.0.6 version the only thing what you have to replace in sdfile.h and sdbasefile.h. fpos_t into filepos_t and you will be fine to compile and upload firmware

(Yuan LIU) #6

@spiglys_petraitis Can you elaborate on file replacement, like replace with which source? For me, the original Ares flash comes with Arduino 1.0.6 installed, and I simply uploaded Ares’ firmware into the IDE, added and hacked time.h, that is all. (

(spiglys petraitis) #7

I have changed raspberry pi 3+ and new microsd installed newest octoprint then enabled desktop end installed newest 1.0.8 arduino IDE uploaded original Ares firmware, then hacked time and then i could not upload the firmware so found out that then you make modifications at sdfile.h and sdbasefile.h. replace fpos_t into filepos_t then you can compile and upload