This week's subject seems to be constant fuel for discussion:

This week’s subject seems to be constant fuel for discussion:
How do you create the models for your prints?

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I use a commercial CAD suite like Soildworks or Inventor.

I create my models in a free graphical CAD program, like Sketchup, FreeCAD or TinkerCad.

OpenSCAD is all I need.

I use 3D modeling software like Blender, Maya or Rhino.

I use 3D scanning techniques to create the objects i need.

I download my models from Thingiverse or similar sharing sites.

Up for discussion: What do you think is the ideal way to create your things? In what spots does your CAD solution still need improvement?
(Listen up, @Dassault_Systemes , @AutoCAD and @Blender )

Fusion 360

Ditto and +1 @John_Ridley 's comment. The one thing I really want in Openscad is support for exporting curves/arcs when exporting formats that support them (2D dxf mostly, so not for 3d printing).

How about, “It depends what I’m designing.” OpenSCAD is great for geometric and especially parametric designs. 3D CAD tools are great for geometric designs and people who aren’t programmers. Blender is good for organic shapes.

OpenSCAD + python.

I like sculptris shapes, tinkercad for quick designs, but I am now trying use more openscad for long term projects.

People who aren’t programmers? I interpret that as saying people who can draw! I couldn’t draw blood! I’m very happy with open scad because I do my drawing as it were with programming language.

@Tony_Hine_Nifty_Acce the “drawing” skills required for CAD are very different from the drawing skills you need on a piece of paper. Basically, you set up the rough shape from pre-made shapes and then add constrains to get the exact dimensions you need - no precision drawing required.
I’m using Solidworks on an almost daily basis and have tried to get into OpenSCAD, but it just feels so tedious to create the simplest of shapes.
Oh, and the big CAD packages all do parametric design - you can either directly change any constraint you had set up or have some dimensions calculated from variables, just like OpenSCAD.

Only FOSS options: OpenSCAD, Blender, FreeCAD, Python, Processing.

I use openscad for parts, and rhino for everything else.

I use Geomagic Design personal edition (formerly Alibre $199), pretty intuitive and powerful. Openscad is my next goal.

Throwing FreeCAD together with Sketchup and Tinkercad is ludicrous. Have you actually tried the software? It’s got much more in common with SolidWorks than with the other two. So even if it’s my software of choice, I’m not voting, because that choice does not make any sense.