This pikachu model I printed came out pretty good.

This pikachu model I printed came out pretty good. I notice that the underhang (chin) is not perfect. So are the back of the tail. However, the front of the tail (45 degree diagonally upward) has quite a few artifacts and I am not sure why. Can someone help me with a term describing this phenomenon that I can do more research on?

I get variants of this with different slicer programs.

You may be looking at stringing between the body and tail. This can be reduced or eliminated with an adjustment to the retraction value in the slicing step. Also, in some printers, rotating the part on the platform so that the “faces” are at an angle to the edges of the platform will reduce artifacts introduced when the extruder changes direction in printing the shell.

The artifacts on the chin, ear and rear of its tail look like overhang curling. More fans and/or slower printing speeds reduce this when I print PLA.

It can be that your filament is printed to hot, also your retraction can be to high or the speed to high … you have to test with a ozebane calibration piece which you can find on thingiverse or zo …