This one has been a long time coming.

This one has been a long time coming. E3D Scaffold now finally out of Beta and much improved. Excited to see what people do with a soluble support material option that actually works.

So many manufacturers of printers are racing towards having proper dual material support. UM3, BCN3D, and many others. An exciting time for open 3D printing to be able to truly print with total geometric freedom.

Have you had a chance to test it with the Ultimaker 3 yet?

Yes! Was with a customer who was using it in their brand new UM3. Worked very nicely indeed, had to tweak a couple of settings around the prime tower, but that seems to be the case for even the supplied PVA from ultimaker.

Their new support material generation algorithm in cura is really very nice. Definitely leading the pack for soluble support generation.

very curious to find out how this fares in the hands of @Thomas_Sanladerer (maybe not for the #filaween testing just the general in depth hand on that ya give to items/things) :smiley:

I’ve got a spool here, but have to finish the dual-extruder rebuild of my Mendel90 first

As I’ve been experimenting a little I was wondering if Scaffold sticks better to PLA with the fan off… However, current slicers don’t support this type of setting so some scripting might be necessary. @Sanjay_Mortimer1 what do you say?

@Jos_van_der_Plas ​ we’ve not tested fan vs no fan, but it stands to reason that it would affect adhesion between the two materials.

Scaffold is pretty sticky though and we print it with PLA with the fans on, no drama.

@Sanjay_Mortimer1 I’ll do some testing later. The results I’m having with Colorfabb PLA are challenging but as you’ve mentioned, still OK.