This is what I have been printing.

This is what I have been printing.

A model jet engine as designed by Xena on Thingiverse.

Wow! What’s it run on?

This video is unclear, is it just a model that spins with compressed air? If so why the 2 pumps?

Or, the infinitely cooler option, can it run with some sort of low temperature fuel?

Please please please post a pic of this completed!!

Will do, but you can see it run on YouTube (link above).

It just runs on compressed air, any other fuel would result in a immediate melting into a lump of goo;)

Thanks-I did see the video link after I posted :slight_smile:

Did you need supports to print the inlet turbine?

What a beautiful 3D print!

Yes the inlet turbine was printed with raft and support on my Afinia (UP! Plus) printer.

@David_Da_Costa I figured as much. Was just hoping I was wrong and it burned on some sort of low temperature gas or something.

Maybe finding some way to cool on the intake then ignite closer to the rear turbine to give max expansion using low temp gas or vapourised liquid… getting ahead of myself here sorry guys

As long as your are letting yourself get ahead of yourself, I thought I might join you there for a moment… could not help but think of some modification of the following as a fuel source for your jet engine. Not sure of feasibility, but gosh!.. seems like a cool idea to me… ->… what an outstanding project concept you have!

What is thinkable is feasible (given the intricacies of thaught) it would be a good one to try

Did you smooth the hub portion if the print? Would make an awesome desk fan. Dyson eat your heart out.

Yes, I put the hub in an acetone vapor bath

I think a video of the turbine reducing itself to a blob of goo could be pretty fun too… When you get tired of having a working model :wink:

Very impressed. Nice work!