This is nice, I wish it were Open-Source :

This is nice, I wish it were Open-Source :
It makes me think of fabrica a lot.

Edit : It is open-source : , it just didn’t mention it on the “product” page. Thanks @Maxime_Favre for the find.

How Hard could it be?

The new version of smoothie must have Bluetooth?

I think it cost nothing to ask him if he can open it or do something for smoothie. This DRO interface is more designed for conventional machining not CNC. So different “customers”. I really like how he did the workspace and points generation, simple and clean.

@Maxime_Favre Nice !!!

Glad you like it too !
Posted it several times in G+ threads and OpenBuilds forum but didn’t get much reactions…
Anyway, this is a great inspiration and has more features than just DRO among which, the cut list support.