This is an amazing technology.

This is an amazing technology. Need a 3D printer at home!

If you can’t afford to drop the money on a printer right now – join a hackerspace and befriend someone who has a 3D printer. Our space has publicly usable 3D printers - so long as someone has taught you how to use them first.

Rod, the tech is getting cheaper and cheaper. The more you are willing to learn and be hands on, the cheaper it will be! How handy are you with electronics and engineering?

Well, go get one! :smiley: There are 3D printers available now for as little as $200. That’s about the same price as a nice 2D printer… (

Makibox have not shipped a single printer yet. I’m waiting for some reviews before I buy one. I’m not sure which corners they have cut to reach that price, because just the electronic and motors should cost about 200$.

I only posted Makibox as an extreme example. There are other options out there that ARE shipping for not a lot of money… Price is definitely within the average consumer’s reach now…