This is amazing. All assembly manuals in the world should be like this. 

(Shachar Weis) #1

This is amazing. All assembly manuals in the world should be like this.

(Brendan Henderson) #2

Very well done. That’s the power of modern 3D CAD at work!

(Alex Okita) #3

When I got my prusa, the wiki said “coming soon”

(Normand Chamberland) #4

I’ve got a blank page on Firefox 21.0 on Ubuntu 12.04… :frowning:

It’s a pity they didn’t use open source software for an open source printer.

(Brendan Henderson) #5

@Normand_Chamberland Try Chrome.

(Guillermo Acilu) #6


(Marcus Wolschon) #7

Have you seen the old Bits From Bytes assembly manuals?
PDF with freely movable 3d views and animated 3d explosion graphics and clicking the parts list highlights the part in 3d
… For every step of the build.

(CornGolem) #8

LEGO has been doing this for decades (just not animated).

(Dale Dunn) #9

Brendan Henderson, Chrome wants to install something called the Unity Web Player. Being opposed to proliferation of “player” plug-ins or whatever, I’m not going to be able to see this.

(Shachar Weis) #10

Opposed ? I hope you also don’t have a Flash player installed. Is a plug-in’s code dirty in some way ? Different than the browser code ? (Which is also just a set of plugins, written by different people, with a common framework)

(Dale Dunn) #11

I’ve been waiting to be rid of Flash. I know the plug-ins exist, I just don’t want more of them for every novel media. Flash is probably the one that pushed me to this view more than any of them.

(Shachar Weis) #12

Well, Flash is dead and HTML5 is still not good enough to replace it. Expect a lot more Unity3D content because developers are switching to Unity in droves.

(Miguel Sánchez) #13

Please note that views are not only animated but interactive too: you can rotate, pan and zoom at will. Besides you can double click on any object to learn what part is it (rod length, screw type, etc).

iPad and iPhone versions will be available in iTunes soon.

(Shachar Weis) #14

@Miguel_Sanchez is this your creation ?

(Miguel Sánchez) #15

One of my students: Carlos Sánchez.

(Miguel Sánchez) #16

I will be using it for an upcoming Prusa i3 workshop.

(Shachar Weis) #17

Can you tell us a bit on the process of creating this ? Was this modeled in the Unity editor ? Thanks.

(Miguel Sánchez) #18

@Marcus_Wolschon No, I have not seen BFB’s but I am going to look for them, thanks for the tip.

(Miguel Sánchez) #19

@Shachar_Weis STLs are imported into 3D Studio Max to later be used in Unity editor to build the animation with some custom code. But Carlos Sánchez Belenguer may provide you more info about the process.

(Normand Chamberland) #20

@Brendan_Henderson I’m willing to try Chromium, not Chrome. The former is open source, the latter isn’t. Just tried, the website is not responding with an error 101 reinitialized connexion.