This could be a problem for some in the 3D printing industry

This could be a problem for some in the 3D printing industry

We’ll file this away in “duh”

Agree. The solution will be the same as in music/movies. Either cheap enough that piracy isn’t worth it, DRM on the printer files (will be broken), order it from a service like Shapeways, or stream from an online service.

Well let’s see most items you’ll print are not copyright or patent. So until a printer is able to do a full print of a toaster I don’t think its a problem.

@Eddie_Krassenstein_3 how did you end up on that shady forum?

OH NO, people are going to share freely available information! How dare they…

Not the least bit of legal analysis because there’s a great deal you are perfectly allowed to do.

To clarify, I think this is a problem of the near future not of now. In 10 years 3D printers will replicate anything, including electronic devices. Maybe 5 years given the acceleration of the tech. As a culture we really need to start looking at information, ownership, authenticity, and what all those things mean. My first comment was meant to mean, we will be able to copy anything soon, and copyright infringement based on current laws is inevitable. Hence the Duh. So what do we do about it? That’s the real question. Besides letting the lawyers get all hot 'n bothered, I mean.

Why worry about it until we are there 5 years, 10 years its all moot as the world will be a different place and laws may change and corporate attitudes will have to change if 3d printing becomes mainstream.
Microsoft deciding that its using its own standard for printers further muddys the water to.

@Nigel_Dickinson Yeah that’s a bollocks response. If we see a problem coming, why not deal with it? It’s not like you can suddenly do massive legal and trade reforms inside of 6 months. Laws won’t just magically change without governments and populations being educated and persuaded. Industry will try to maintain their position as long as possible, and they’ll get governments to enact new laws to protect their business model. Look what happened in the content industry with copyright reforms, ip sniffing and lawsuits. It’ll take the next 5-10 years just to adjust our current system to accommodate these impending tech changes.

@Nathan_Ryan corporations did change, legal downloads are yours for life. They also took 15 years to realise there was illegal downloads, and only changed things when market share shrunk. 3d printing causes supply chain rethinks and market placement will change. Until a printer can fully reproduce real products its no concern.
Printing of organs is the real issue at this point in time, as it is technically possible for a back street lab to do this, so the point I made is valid.

Corporations changed? Did I blink and miss something? As we speak they are tying to tighten controls over Internet through the backdoor of the TPP. Their opinion of the situation has not changed, and they are still trying to apply their old business models while consolidating their control over our lives.

This is honestly a troll post anyways designed in an attempt to drive people to this guys forums. He’s been trying to post about those forums all week in one sneaky way or another.

Eh, it’s still and interesting conversation that got started. :smiley: