This community's members tend to focus more on filament based printing,

This community’s members tend to focus more on filament based printing, but I figure this idea might be interesting. We have had a number of people 3D print for metal working and I think this might be interesting to those people and the people who print clay like stuff.

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Has anyone tried printing in a mix of sodium silicate gel and baby powder? It seems the mix is pretty creamy and might extrude well. It should also handle rather high temperatures. Does anyone know how close the resulting print would be to a ceramic print in cost and appearance?

It’s not a filament-focused group. It’s an open-and-available-to-everyone focused group. It just happens that everything that’s available and open…is usually filament based. If it’s not proprietary in any way, or the proprietary bits are easily available/cheap and not only available from a single source, then it’s more than welcome here.

@ThantiK ​ I guess I should have said “communitiy’s members tend to focus”. I updated the wording of my post.

geopolymers are special clays that be cured at low temps ( compared to say firing bricks ) that produce results stronger than concrete. These might be a possibility too.

There is open-sla aswell. Just sayn…

I imagine you could also use silica gel as the binder agent in a powder printer. The power could be a number of things…magnesium silicate (baby power), concrete, sand, perlite, vermiculite, rock dust, etc.