This community could use a new logo,

This community could use a new logo, one that reflects the sharing and collaboration aspect a bit better than that old Darwin.
I’ve got a faint idea of my own, but i’d love to hear your suggestions.

I’m down for a new logo.

Is an animated .gif allowed? A slideshow of the variety of machines in the field might be nice.

@Dale_Dunn I hope not.

@Whosa_whatsis , don’t like animated gifs?

Not ever-present ones like a logo on a page that I keep open all the time.

How about a picture of a gen 5 Makerbot? haha.

OK, yeah. That would get pretty tiresome. Not my use case, so I didn’t think of it.

Picture of a print of the Newell teapot.

I visualize a (low oblique and extreme perspective) view of a 3D print (visible layering) of a combined open hardware and open software logo (stacked) with a stylized towering hot end with appropriate heat sinks and shading.

Hopefully, being the ‘3D Printing’ community, it won’t focus on one specific model or style of printer…