Third time, embarrassing carelessness


I’m almost too embarrassed to admit it but I just got bit by my laser for the third time in about 3 weeks. I got careless and test fired the laser onto my finger. Lol. I’ve always worn glasses but I have a bad habit of test firing the laser onto the wood to help with placement. The first time I was at 10% power on the unfocused beam and I just felt a slight twinge on the back of my hand. The second time it never touched skin but did burn a a hole in my long sleeve t-shirt. And most recently I test fired the laser right after placing the head in the correct location. This time unfortunately at 18% power. It burned my skin and is still stinging. I think this one has taught me a lesson. I can only imagine how much damage this thing would do if it was after the lens.

Yes I’m an idiot but I’ve learned some valuable lessons.

Has anyone else gotten zapped by their laser?

(Ned Hill) #2

Yikes! I generally avoid firing the laser with the lid up (I’m sure you will get some mentions of interlocks :wink: If you want to be safe, use your left hand to hold the lid closed and use your right to test fire the laser. Then lift the lid and reach back in with the right hand. That way You can get in and out of the bed quickly while ensuring both hands are outside and your eyes are safe.

(Ned Hill) #3

If you put an overlapping piece of wide painters tape on a corner / edge that extends beyond the edge / corner and step the head close and do a test fire. Repeat until you can get an accurate location of the corner / edge.

(Claudio Prezzi) #4

Yep, here is my simple door switch:

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #5

These machines should not be run without interlocks installed and the covers closed.
Imagine what your retina would look like if even a portion of the beam hit it.

Its not rational to protect your laser tube (temp & flow sensor) but not your eyes and body from eye damage and electrocution!

Since the beam and the presence of HV are both invisible accidents can easily happen.

PLEASE: You are NOT SAFE unless you have interlocks on the covers front and back and use them.

I used some switch modules from Amazon that made mounting and wiring easy.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6

BTW @Speedster1, thanks for posting your example so that this safety issue can be seen as a real danger :)!