There's been a lot of interest this week in my 0.20 mm Printrbot nozzle

There’s been a lot of interest this week in my 0.20 mm Printrbot nozzle this week and I’m working on releasing a 0.15 mm nozzle soon. But tuning the software to get a good print takes a lot of time. So, I’ve decided to give away EXPERIMENTAL 0.15 mm nozzles to three lucky souls that send generate a few sales for me with hopes of crowdsourcing the development and funding my own. If you have a Printrbot (or compatible) hot end and want to play with a 0.15 mm nozzle, check out the link below.

I’m also open to any opinions on driving development with this kind of promotion. Specifically, I’m always a little worried about such efforts to incentivize cutting edge development coming off spammy. Any advice? What’s the accepted etiquette for something like this?

Nah, you’re good posting about the development of the small nozzles. If things start getting spammy, I’ll let you know. There is spammy, but then there are the people who come in here and immediately start spamming. If you’re posting about the development of something, and mention that you’ll be selling it soon or whatever - fine. Mention selling it in 2-3 different posts that are more about marketing, and we start getting grumpy. A little common sense should guide you well.

Sounds cool - would this nozzle work for other 3D printers like the MBI Replicator 2?

@Funbie_Studios no it wouldn’t. Can I just pay you 20$ and be a beta tester? Or like 30 and get both? The having to refer someone is odd to me :frowning:

Awww well, hope you guys have fun with the smaller nozzle though and looking forward to seeing some prints from it soon! (Maybe will convince us to get a Printrbot for ABS since Rep2 is just PLA)

@Funbie_Studios I don’t think it will, but I’m not opposed to making nozzles for other printers. Where can I find the specification for the replacement nozzles for an MBI Replicator 2 (i.e. thread sizes, dimensions, etc.)?

@Ross_Hendrickson I didn’t want to charge anyone for a nozzle I hadn’t proven out, but I should have a few for sale in a few days. As for the promotion, I’m trying to see if that sort of social marketing works with the 3D printing community. No one else is trying it from what I see and finding ways to incentivize the sharing of ideas can’t be a bad thing. I am wary of annoying people though and keeping an eye out for negative sentiment. Let me know if it is “too odd”.

@Jerrill_Johnson Here’s some information on the Rep2 nozzle, not sure if it would suffice though:

@Jerrill_Johnson My longer reply got lost. Basically, I’d prefer just buying a dual pack, 0.2 + an experimental 0.15 for 20-ish. The probability that out of the small circle of Ubis hot end users I know three will not only purchase a 0.2 nozzle but also remember to ‘tag’ me is very small. I don’t mind paying a bit extra to try something out that may/may not work. Though in all honesty I’d be willing to test and share my slicer settings more readily if I didn’t have to pay anything at all but understand you don’t really want to give a dozen away for free (lost $$ on your part because more than likely only 1 of the 12 will actually get you back something of value (slicing settings). Personally, my next build will be a dual extruder and I am going to play with trying to have a larger nozzle 0.5 or higher do fill with a very small nozzle doing perimeters.

@Funbie_Studios I may end up needing buy some Makerbot nozzles to measure them. I’m not seeing any good published specs like thread size and the like. Also, not being familiar with Makerbot, I’m not familiar with the different varieties, i.e. MK5 vs MK6 vs MK8 etc. What are the differences?

@Jerrill_Johnson It seems to be a M4 sized screw thread, based on the fact that it fits a 7mm socket wrench. ( But we can’t be really sure on that …