There's at least one set of OX plates in there...

(Matt Miller) #1

There’s at least one set of OX plates in there…

(Brandon Satterfield) #2

Heck yeah! Those look great.

(mattgatenby) #3

What’s the dimensions of your stock there my man ?

(Matt Miller) #4

The longer pieces are 8"x48"x1/4". The shorter ones are 9"x16"x3/16".

Cutoffs from my local scrap dealer. $1.70 a pound. Ran about $60 for everything.

(Michel Pollet) #5

Sweet deal!

(Kelly Burns) #6

Looks like some nice stock. Free? I recently got motivated to hand cut and drill my own plates. Been collecting medical grade aluminum (not sure numbers or specs) for s few weeks. Need one more decent size plate for the other carriage plate.

Are you cutting these with another CNC or manually?

(Kelly Burns) #7

Sorry I just read the other comments.

(Matt Miller) #8

@Kelly_Burns Yup. CNC’ing them out.