The XM-4060 engraver does not load home at startup

Nice good day, today the engraver started giving me problems. At startup, it goes to the starting point, but most likely it doesn’t load it or I don’t know it. It crashes repeatedly, but the initialization does not complete… It does not want to communicate with the computer. I use LaserDraw. The engraver is marked XM-4060. Has this happened to any of you? I don’t know what to do anymore. I am attaching a video: 20231128_173605.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you…

Seems that it is crashing while homing. It looks like as if it didn’t detect home switches.
Did you try to check them with an Ohmmeter ?
Did you connect properly the ribbons from these switches to the controller ?

The sensors are working, I tried to press them by hand and the drive always stopped, but as soon as I let go of the sensor it went back to the home position and started bumping again.

Are you sure the laser head is pushing the switch the same distance as you’ve done manually? What’s odd is that it continues moving in both X and Y… Try moving the head to the far right and see if the rail keeps bouncing off the Y switch while the laser head moves left towards the switch.

What I usually do to test the homing switches is to move the laser head to the center of the bed and then turn the machine on. At this point I will press the Y axis homing switch and the Y motion should stop. Then I press the X axis homing switch and the X motion should stop.

Yes, even after that. It always goes back to the home position and starts doing it again.

Just so I understand what you said “Yes” too: you moved the laser head to the far right on the X axis and the Y axis was less than that distance from the homing switches and when you powered the machine ON the Y axis would contact and bounce on the Y limit switch while the laser head moved along the X axis towards the limit switch?

When I turn on the engraver, the head goes to the left of the switch and stops there fine. when the axis reaches the end it touches the switch it bounces and then touches it again and again.

Sorry but I’m having a difficult understanding this since I specifically was looking hear about first what the Y axis does(the one which moves forward/backwards) and then what the X axis does(the one which moves left and right).

This is why I asked you to move the laser head to the far right and the carriage forward of the homing switches less than that distance. ie so the Y axis hits its homing switch first and can be observed AND THEN a little later the laser head moving along the X axis hits its homing switch.

You do have 2 homing switches don’t you?

I’m sorry, I worded it wrong. Yes, there are two switches (x and y axes). So the y-axis hit first, the x-axis travels (until the x-axis arrives, the y-axis does not move). Once the x axis reaches the switch it starts doing it again.

In the video it appeared the repeating motion was in both the X and Y axis do if that is still the case, either there’s a physical jam going on in the corner or the X axis motion is causing the Y axis off its switch or the firmware is messed up.

I would not expect to see the Y axis moving if it homes correctly and then the X axis hits its home switch.