The worst name for a new product!

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Oh my that’s just wrong… and once again no-one cares about safety!


Just dawned on me maybe that’s the modern version of “You will poke your eye out” …:slight_smile:



The OpenSCAD-influenced cam backplotter briefly had the name OpenSCAM, but they decided that was bad for publicity.


I must respectfully disagree, sir, imho the name is downright awesome.

That said though, is this not a little bit unsafe? I was under impression a glass enclosure is kind of important for laser engraving machinery.

An enclosure is necessary for any laser of this class. It would certainly not be glass but a material that blocks the wavelength of light being used.

start soapbox:
Buying foreign [or any uncertified] lasers is a bittersweet event for me. I like that they are less expensive than onshore products but hate that they are not safe and we let them get into the hands of unknowing consumers, with little to no warning.

One reason that onshore products are more expensive is that they are built to US safety standards.

end soapbox:

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I am equally concerned about how the engraver itself is not fixed. Not only is there no glass enclosure protection, there is every chance the laser projecting unit could be turned in such a way as to iireversibly damage someone’s retina.

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