The Natural Robotics Contest

An opportunity for anyone to have their idea for a bioinspired robot be turned into a reality!

If you’ve ever watched animal (or plant!) and thought ‘Why can’t we do it that way?’, this is the place for you:

Perhaps a robotic woodpecker that checks trees for disease? Maybe a robot falcon protecting the eggs of sea turtles? Or a mechanical plant that reinforces a riverbank?

A team of robotics researchers are asking for drawings of robots inspired by nature, and we will be turning the winning design into a real, working prototype this summer

Our main aim is to foster interest in biomimicry, and to let in some creativity from outside of engineering research offices - I often get some great impromptu pitches when I’m visiting schools / talking to the public, so this is a chance to take something off the drawing board that might not otherwise get made.

There’s an intro video here, scroll to the bottom of the webpage to submit your idea.

Fee free to get in touch if you’d like to know more!


This is quite inspiring, something to think seriously about. Thanks for sharing.

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