The hottest topic of the  week is undoubtedly Cody Wilson's Liberator.

The hottest topic of the #3Dprinting week is undoubtedly Cody Wilson’s Liberator. The State Department have ordered it to be taken down but is that too late now, as @Yi_Yao pointed out, that over 100,000 people have already downloaded it?

I am confused, given that you can simply walk into a gun fair and walk out with a gun without any sort of check, why is the US bothered about 3d printing of weapons?

@Chris_Roberts_chrisj their official stance right now is on “export” of information regarding those weapons. Though, I agree…why they give a shit is beyond me.

Ah yes, I was forgetting that the rest of the world has no technology.

It is surely too late anyway is it not? This is a case of locking the gate after the horse has bolted.

In any case, I am sure other designs will be found, and guns could be made anyway via metalworking presumably. Not to speak of crossbows - which are amazingly powerful.