The first 2 mm tree frogs on a Printrbot with a prototype 0.10 mm

The first 2 mm tree frogs on a Printrbot with a prototype 0.10 mm nozzle. Retraction and bridging settings still need a lot of work.

dude this stuff is insane.
does a nozzle that size require heavier torqued extruders?

I’m just using the stock NEMA 17 steppers that came with the Printrbot Plus running at 5 mm/sec to 20 mm/sec on the smaller nozzles and haven’t had any problems. The back pressure is pretty high though. The drive gear / hobbed bolt has to have really sharp teeth to feed the filament without slipping.

That is just amazing.

Could you print something larger so we can see how the nozzle is performing? These are kind of fuzzy and I’m wondering if it’s because your X/Y isn’t insanely perfect enough for this, or because that tiny nozzle oozes or something.

It seems like it shouldn’t ooze with such a tiny hole.

He is ok

@Nick_Parker I just posted a new photo of something a little bigger…

@Nick_Parker Here are more photos of something a little bigger!

Wow really nice! This also might interest @Paul_Candler_BlueBot & @Martijn_Elserman .

Are you using the belts that came with your printrbot? I’ve been thinking about upgrading to GT2

@Cameron_O_Neill Yes, I’m using the stock belts. I haven’t had any issues with them even on the high resolution prints.

Yeah, people have said that better belts make a big difference, but I’m not seeing the stock belts have any problem with complex high res prints