The damn thing is so small,

The damn thing is so small, light and tough! #quadarc




Fascinating designs …

Very good man!!! Already downloading.

Can download from .stl?

You should be able to export to STL from Onshape, yes. But you probably
should wait the final version with the attachment for the E3DV6. Still in
the oven however…

POM or Nylon? I have the nylon ones at the fablab. But the smaller one are
probably too small of a diameter to use plastic (M3).

My current design isn’t very nylon axle friendly as the are only supported on one side. But since I intend not to support the top of the leadscrews anyway, I could probably dedicate some time making a pelican 2 I guess.

You’re right, that’s a lot of screws.
(3 x 4)

@shauki Pensioners don’t need a great stage, i am really fascinated about the ideas of the whole community … Thanks for all your work !

Don’t be modest. All brain are needed…