The construction continues! Finally all the parts are here! For z axes I am

The construction continues!

Finally all the parts are here! For z axes I am going to use goldmart’s 1204 ballscrews. One question, most of my printed parts are made with PLA. I am thinking to use ABS for the parts that are near the bed like the bed leveling mounts and ball screws/shaft mount. Do you think I can use PLA for those parts or the temp emitted by the bed is going to melt them?
This is the link of the rubber heater, that’s the last part I am waiting!

If the parts are not in direct contact with part that are heating with the bed by conduction, it’s gonna be fine. I didn’t have any problem so far and found the PLA to be stiffer than ABS.

You are probably fine in PLA for those parts, but the part cooling duct and central carriage would be best in ABS if you can manage it. I think @Jason_Smith ​ has PLA for all of his parts if I recall correctly. He designed the Original Eustathios. So if anyone knows for sure it would be him :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman I was originally running PLA for everything, but later added a heated bed and enclosed the printer. I was able to run the printer that way long enough to re-print all the parts in ABS, but just barely. Towards the end, I had one sad looking, saggy printer with lots of tolerance/alignment issues :slight_smile: I definitely would recommend ABS/PETG for anything that will be near the bed, and would at least bootstrap yourself a new set of ABS/PETG parts as soon as you can once it’s running.

PLA everywhere here too exept fan duct in PET. Until now everything is fine. It will probably reprint the carriage and duc in ABS.

Interestingly, my cooling fan died in the middle of a print last week, and my ABS fan duct deformed fairly significantly due to the heat.

Initially I will print only the duct and the carriage in ABS because my prusa i3 can reach only 110c and it takes 30 min or so to do it! Later on I will print them in ABS when eustathios is ready. Thanks for the advises!!! Also I had to change a little bit the design of the carriages because I couldnt find self aligned bushings like the one’s in BOM. I will post a photo of what I finally used!