That turned out awesome !!! OnTheWall

That turned out awesome !!!
#ACRO OnTheWall

That did turn out awesome Ariel! Acro on the wall is such a cool idea nice job brother

Metallica too!

Wow! Really cool!

@Jorge_Robles easter egg

@Mark_Carew_OpenBuild I agree with you , Ariel’s idea to wall hang it is nothing short of brilliant. I will be using this idea with the Diode engraver that I built using Openbuilds extrusions for the mechanicals.


You could add a small amount of counter-weight on pulleys for the Y axis to balance the power required to move up vs down. I like this idea - it’s a nice space-saver. :slight_smile:

@Jason_Dorie I need a entire wall of this :heart:

@Jason_Dorie ​ waiting on comms to feature LB on that machine.
I’m very happy how this is performing

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty - I’ll take a look at this. There might be a relatively easy path for this.