Thanks to Stephanie Shaltes for the suggestion,

Thanks to Stephanie Shaltes for the suggestion, my Lyman machined parts project is now live at indiegogo.

Hey David, a couple of questions for you:

  1. How much would be shipping to Germany (Bayreuth, 95445)?
  2. What’s the value of parts missing towards a complete Lyman II?
  3. Did you build one yourself yet?


  1. Lowest rate to Germany I could find was US$48.00. The wood frame base is 17 inches long. A solution would be to leave out the wood parts (frame base and electronics panel), reducing the size and weight of the package considerably.This should bring both the contribution down to $70.00 and shipping to $25.00. I have added that as an option. If that is still too much, the CAD files would allow you to source the parts locally.

  2. Lymans Bill of Materials lists $135.22 for the other materials, if you print your own hopper.

  3. I have not yet built one, I am hoping that I will be able to make multiple sets to bring the cost down for all. I have been machining aircraft and optics parts for many years, I am confident in my ability to deliver quality parts.