Thanks for the foam cutting tips on your site Hobby- Fab ! I merged

Thanks for the foam cutting tips on your site @Hobby_Fab ! I merged 2 models together for this one. Well, I added the frame around the bears anyhow, if that counts. 1" thick pink foam from home depot. 12" x 18" Still took nearly 8 hours to carve, but looks pretty good. There is no way for speed cutting with all the details of 3D models/ relief carving.

I will NEVER use carpet tape again for holding foam down. It took me an hour to painstakingly remove it from the back of the foam board. The clear area is only .1" thick, and of course that’s where the tape was at. Now it’s time for the paint job. I will most likely use acrylic paints to avoid the chance of it eating through the foam.

Oh, and I used my downcut 1/4" bit for roughing, and yes, my 1/8" ball nose for finish and cutout paths. 120 IPM where I could @ .25" deep passes. Spindle speed was set by sound and sight, as I normally do.

@Jack_Daugherty it looks amazing! Thank you so much for mentioning the site and cut tutorial, really! Wondered if anyone would ever take advantage of them.
Great work as always sir, the foam cutting seems to be painstaking as they take forever but it is such a light material and cleanup is nothing.
Hahaha on carpet tape. Hate that stuff!

What material is the pink foam? Extruded polystyrene?

@Thomas_Balu_Walter I do believe that is correct.