THANK YOU! Never in a million years could i have imagined what a great


Never in a million years could i have imagined what a great community this would turn out to be! When i first started the group i asked questions and also answered them too to get things going. When we passed 100 members i was blown away. Now there´s 9000 members in this group and the facebook group has grown to 2000 members. The different projects have been downloaded close to half a million times on Thingiverse alone.
I´m not as active here as i used to be and i´m sorry about that. On the other hand things works fine while i´m not here too.

I´d like to take a moment to thank you all. For all the great feedback, for being so open, generous and always welcoming new members with their questions. I look at other groups and watch the never ending drama. I can´t recall i have ever seen something even close to someone even being rude. Rarely any moderation needed except for the occasional spam post.

Being at MRRF and watching the “OpenRC World Championships” this year put things in perspective. The OpenRC Project have grown up and become this amazing movement and YOU ALL BUILT IT! All of you putting in the time, effort and money to engage in these projects and even helping each others made this great community what it is. And making awesome mods and new projects that constantly raises the bar. Without you there is no OpenRC Project!

I want to somehow thank you all but i don´t know how so i just wrote this post to get it of my chest. I love you all and i´m eternally grateful!

Thank you!

One of the first things I started printing when I got my first 3D printer was the OpenRC Truggy!! Now I’ve printed it at least 3 times and it just keeps getting better with the help from other users on here and Thingiverse. I’ve printed the OpenRC formula car 2-3 times only to be pulled back into the OpenRC Truggy!! We are eternally grateful for everything you have done so that we can all try to be like @Daniel_Noree :slight_smile: