Tensing mechanism suggestions for a crank induced midi instrument

Hello! I’m working on a new instrument project that works in a similar way as the Digigurdy or the Midigurdy do and I’m trying to come up with a solution to create or release tension in the crank. Digigurdy uses an electric scooter brake that you can tense up or down by turning a tuning peg from a guitar. That’s a good option if I can find a way to buy a brake that works like that one. I was wondering if someone here has done something similar and what solutions you came up with.
Thanks in advance!

Bicycle gear shifting mechanisms take a cable and put tension on it by pulling the cable around a small cylinder and they lock into place with either friction or detents. Maybe instead of a guitar tuning peg which wants pretty small wire to spin around a very small diameter cylinder, something more like the gear shifting levers will work?

Also, if the same force as actually braking a scooter with a 200 lbs person onboard isn’t needed, use a smaller cable.

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I would check out an eddy current brake; eddy currents and electromagnetic braking explained - YouTube

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