For those interested in making something larger…I split the template into 4 and used wood glue in the center section and CA at the ends to initially hold it together.


Well done :slight_smile:

I use CA glue routinely in the shop for wood connections and repairs.
The secret is to use the thick style and use accelerator on the mating surface.

  1. Mask the mating surface
  2. Rub in some oil on the non-mating surface (so CA does not stick on those surfaces)
  3. Remove the masking
  4. Glue on one side, accelerator on the other and then just push them together for an instant and strong bond. Do not try and clean the joint, just let it harden.
  5. Sand the joint flat
  6. When you finish with a clear finish the CA joint will usually disappear

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Brilliant! I’ve heard about the CA activator previously, but never used it. Glad there are all these crafty people on this forum!


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