Teddy bear barbarian print

In the printer now. Printing at about 8" tall. Modeled in Blender3d and Zbrush.

teddy bear barb


Print complete. 7 hour print at 8 inches tall.


That is AWESOME!..but now my wife wants one =p

I am new to these forums, so sorry for not picking this up from elsewhere (if possible), but I am curious what machine ya used for this print.

Hi. I used an Anycubic Mega X to print the model. I would not recommend the printer now a days. It is two generations behind and the new generation of machines are just on another level.

I am currently using a Bambu P1P. Again would not recommend. For another 100 USD you can get a P1S and I now think is a better value due to be able to print advanced filaments.