Technically, this is metal 3D printing.

Technically, this is metal 3D printing. I mean, the finished parts look and feel quite convincing if you give them the proper treatment.

@Thomas_Sanladerer I overlooked you prying the parts of the PEI bed few times now. Only having experience with the aluminium PEI version of a printbed and not the tape-one like the prusa, I want to ask: Doesn’t the print come off of its own if the bed has cooled down?

@Rene_Jurack it probably depends heavily on the exact type of PEI used, but i’ve rarely had the MK2’s PEI film release parts on their own. The coated aluminum also seems to conform a bit less to the printed parts as they cool down, possibly contributing to the self-release effect.

That’s a cool bed removal tool. Where’d you get it?

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make it’s @ATOM_3D_PRINTER 's included “leather knife”. Basically, a wide chisel tip, flat on one side, sharpened from the other. Slides right under the parts and doesn’t harm the bed surface (if used right)