talk about a technophobe hello Erwin van Steen  did you get this funny when

talk about a technophobe hello @Erwin_van_Steen did you get this funny when you read it and funny as in give this guy some pills for his paranoia stat{"10151384266946314":625614847452944}&action_type_map={"10151384266946314":"og.likes"}&action_ref_map=[]

I dont see any paranoia. He’s right, 3d printing will in fact allow you to make all sort of things that are banned, even drugs (a friend of mine worked at a company that made printed drugs). All he is doing is calling for a session to consider the impact if digitally imported contraband. Perhaps in those meetings they will discuss wether or not those things should even be contraband.

3d printing has the potential to reduce global trade
just go to your local 3d shop and have it made locally

It’s still global trade but with designs instead of physical goods. Burns more fuel (failed prints, inefficient printers, recycling, lots of retries ).

when it is perfected
someone will franchise it
the franchise will have access to the designs
and it will be made locally
some of the materials will be imported
some will be local
body parts are being printed now using the patients own stem cells
made local from local parts

Well I still think he is being a technophobe as people are doing fine making drugs and guns as I type. I mean if you have the money and smarts to buy and use a printer to make drugs and guns then you will be able to make them with out a printer