TakerBot are selling extruders in 3 packs ($500!).

TakerBot are selling extruders in 3 packs ($500!).

"Minimize downtime from natural wear by having extra Smart Extruders on hand "

I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad. These jokers are ruining 3D printing’s reputation.

Natural wear? My Prusa i2 has had one extruder its whole life (printing daily since 2012) and never needed replacement. Probably something like 20 rolls of filament have passed through its maw without issue.

And repraps are built IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!!

Either the parts are rubbish due to not being made out of the right materials and wear out far too fast or they get a quick $499 knowing that 2 or more of them will be sat in a draw never to be used. I went to look at the link and got quickly redirected to a page stating “It appears you are visiting from a country we do not currently ship our products to.”
Just as well TakerBot!

@Jim_Wilson I agree, I have never had to replace a Wade or Greg’s type extruder EVER!
and I’ve printed at least 5 thousand parts and counting.

We’ve discussed that on the Makerbot page and they haven’t even reacted to us

I talked to the makerbot corp rep about these. The problem with the things are you can’t clear jams in them short of cold pulls.

They want you to sign up for their service plan and when you have a bad jam you pull your head off send it in and they replace it. The 3 pack is so you always have a couple because you might have two out for replacement at at time.

Its a real shit plan if you ask me considering I’ve run about 40kg of filament through a single e3d this year.

Well they’ve been just INCREDIBLY busy…(yea, a 3dprint link, but it’s got a GREAT quote from Mrs. Makerbot)

I am happy I built two RepRaps before I purchased my FlashForge Dreamer. When I run into a problem I know exactly what to do.
My friends in the Penn grad program were given 6 Makerbots and none of them work most likely because they don’t know how to clear a jam.

Everybody should build a marginal printer first… Mine wasn’t BAD, and even made some pretty good prints once in awhile, but I learned nearly EVERY way a print could fall along the way.

Oh dear. I wonder how many people will think this is supposed to be normal. Having seen a tear-down posted somewhere, they do look very flimsy inside. And their warranty requires you to use their material. Their machine, their software, their material and this crap still happens?

I don’t think needing to use iTunes compares. They don’t charge you for the software, and you don’t have to buy your music from Apple.

They just had to ditch their old design before the new one is out (while making money by having their customers buy again a broken part – by design). Let’s hope it is better. Long time ago, I discussed in length why this company should better be avoided in the first place, with facts. They are mostly insulting their own customers http://www.tridimake.com/2014/06/do-not-buy-makerbot-3d-printers.html

@Michael_Johnson @Jeff_DeMaagd ​ Actually there are a lot of parallels. Apple and Makerbot are both companies that COULD do so much better but stop short. They both release hardware designed to be difficult to be modified or repaired, and they both care more about their falsely-earned marketing images than by making a great product that sells itself.

Apple is Makerbot with more due diligence.

@Jim_Wilson Apple has led the American Customer Satisfaction Index in the PC category (includes tablets) for 11 straight years. The iPhone is ranked #1 in the JD Power smartphone satisfaction index. People are obviously satisfied or they wouldn’t keep buying the product. IOW, it does sell itself. And in the case of phones, again, and again to the same users.