Switching to smoothie from Lasesaur


Our fablab own a lasersaur 14.03 on which the controlling electronic is quite a bit instable. We already burned the Ethernet of a BeagleBone, and now we have problems with safety inputs. The 14.03 split services between several components and is a pain in the **s to troubleshot.

So we are wondering about upgrading our system, but the newer lasersaur 17 is costly because we cannot buy just the base card, and smoothie (we have one in stock for another project but don’t need it yet) is maybe an attractive solution.

The Gecko drivers are reliable no need to change them, I know and use smoothie for printers, the only thing I wonder about is the software.

What is the status of visicut support in smoothie firmware :

  • full support of raster engraving (dithering AND greyscale ?)
  • ease of use and reliability ?

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Visicut and laserweb both do greyscale very well with smoothie. I’m not sure about dithering, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that used but I *think* it’s supported ( it makes no difference to smoothie this is a software thing )