Switching multiple teleruptor with raspberry pi / arduino / nodemcu

Hi, i am more of a programmer but i want to try some ‘making’ … so please be patient. I don’t know too much about electronics.

In my flat i have several T5 fluorescent uplighters.

5 sets are switched on by a simple push button connected to Eltako S12-200 teleruptors
1 set is dimmable and operated by also a simple push button, short press: on/off, long press: dimm up/down. This is done by this Niko that outputs a 10VDC to the dimmers.

What i found about the Eltako:

The teleruptor is switched using a 24V AC pulse.
Bistable, and does not use any power when not switched.

The Niko:
(English version starts on page 55)

I have a raspberry pi nearby that electric board that runs my OpenHAB, so i could use that but i also could use a NodeMCU, as i still have some laying around and i know how to connect those with MQTT. (Have a few with temp, light and motion sensors)

Now for the Teleruptors i am thinking about putting something in parallel over those inputs, that can simulate the pulse so i can ‘switch’. I know i will need another way to keep track of the state. (For example a light sensor nearby the light itself) Or should i measure that output 230V AC ?

Also for the Niko i would need something to simulate long or short presses. There i think that if i could ‘measure’ the output 1-10V, that should give me some information about the state of those dimmable lights.

What do you guys suggest ? what would i need to simulate those buttons from a NodeMCU or raspberry PI pins ?

Hope i provided enough information …

Thanks in advance for any reply.