Would it be possible to add something that would auto fit cut lines around an image? It’s fantastic to be able to drag/drop files but that could potentially cut out having to use inkscape at all for a lot of my projects.

There might be an easier way than I’m doing right now as I am about as noob as we get but at the moment I make an imagine in GIMP, then literally cut/paste it into inkscape, and make the outline in gimp, and then paste that into inkscape and make it a path. If that makes sense. To be able to drop it in and ‘add offset’ and maybe if I’m pushing it be able to set how many points it is off the shape would be amazing.

You can do it inkscape?

  1. Drag your image into Inkscape
  2. Select the image ==> “Path” > “Trace Bitmap”
  3. Checkmark the “live preview”
  4. Play around with the threshold for the brightness cutoff and hit OK
  5. Drag the new black and white image away from your original image
  6. Select your new image ==> “Path” > “Brake apart”

Now you will have a lot of small objects. Look for the one which is actually a fully black version of your image. You can delete the rest. If you now select it and remove the fill and add a stroke ==> you have your outline.

If you want to make it a little bit bigger: either make a copy and scale it up a little. Or use the “Path > outset” feature.

Check out this movie at 2:30 (Butterfly example)


I can, I would just love to skip that step.

You can in console type: outline it’ll give you an outline. You can also do outline 2mm to do an outline adjusted outward by 2mm. Etc.

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