Stumbled upon a news digest regarding this service.

Stumbled upon a news digest regarding this service.
But I do not understand what they sell. Slicing??

Several open source apps do that, so why pay? maybe I am missing something. Must admit that I did not push the Pay button :stuck_out_tongue:

I really have no idea why you’d use this over Open Source tools or the proprietary tools that ship with some printers.

Because proprietary tools don’t work with many different printers, and the open source tools have shortcomings.

Looks like a landing page but needs to showcase what value it is adding. Not clear right now

Keep in mind that with 3d printing becoming more mainstream, there will be a wider range of users. IE people who want easy, high quality, and don’t give a crap about open source. Businesses especially might be inclined to use these types of services.

I agree, but you would expect that coming with the printer you buy, right?
The commercial ones should be selling a ready-to-print product to get to mass consumers, and for me this includes the slicing step (already setup for your printer, two decisions: material ABS/PLA and low/high quality printing)…

I know with MakerBot replicator G there are still a ton of tweaks. Maybe their new software is less tweaky, but there is still a big challenge going from design to print and getting good results.

Just my experience. Most users are more interested in the design stage and then skipping to the last step. :wink: