Still don't know how I will mount  to my  frame but I am looking

Still don’t know how I will mount #saintflint to my #BigQR1000 frame but I am looking forward to print with this combo with #tinyhe. Thanks @shauki for your mentoring ant sponsoring :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that @shauki was into ant sponsoring… :slight_smile:
If you’re patient, I will make one for my new #fakeqr (sorry Shauki), when ready, I’ll let you know.

Since I have old supplies I would like to try also #saintflint for 3mm fillament.

I tried (hard)… I don’t think it’s such good idea for the reasons I’ve explained in my last update in Thingiverse:

2015-11-09 After some experiment, I wouldn’t recommend the 3 mm version for the following reasons:

  • Due to the layout and the compact size of the extruder, in order to fit, the path has to be curved (otherwise the M6 nuts won’t fit). This is adding substantial friction.
  • The ratio of surface contact vs radius of the gear doesn’t play in favor of the 3 mm version. Grinding is much likely to happen;
    *The 3 mm filament is much less flexible and more prone to break in the curves than the 1.75 mm;
    For all the above reason, I think it’s better to stick with Wade’s or other derivatives that privilege a straight path… Sorry guy, I tried!
    (Note: I still enthusiastically recommend it for 1.75 mm. It’s never let me down…)

But you may by more astute and/or obstinate than I was… Go for it!