Steppers are working but i cant get my laser to work

Ok i have a k40 laser that i ugraded to a cloudray LPS 100w , 100w tube and a smoothieboard 5x v1 and have not been able to get it to do anything for a month btu a couple days ago i recieved my second smoothieboard and installed it and was able to get my steppers runninghow i like them but still cant get the laser to work yet, It will fire manually and for a sec it was firing immmediately as soon as i closed the lid on the machine.I tokk the stock potentiometer out of the anyequation not sure thats a good idea but i did it…Can anyone help me out cause i am just confused and irritated at this point

We need to understand how your smoothie and lps are wired.

When you say it fired manually. What are you doing to fire manually.

Post pictures of smoothie wiring and the connector side of the lps. Also post picture of control panel front and back.

Why did you remove the pot?

right on ill do my best taking pics my phone camera is trash. post in a minute

How is your smoothie connected to the LPS?

the blue wire in the middle of the pwm2.4 and the ground is floating no connection

oh yeah its firing when i close the lid again

I just unhooked it cause I didn’t see it in the drawings that I followed. I can reconnect if no

What drawing did you follow?
It will reduce our troubleshooting time dramatically if we can draw a schematic of how the LPS is wired to the control panel and the smoothie.
My guess is somehow you have the lid switch wired to the LPS fire function.

Do you have a DVM and know how to use it?

Digital volt meter yes I have a fluke

Why did it say this was solved?

Take a closer look at your config, it looks to me like in the config you posted earlier that the laser pwm pin is illegal, maybe a typo.

Yeah, it’s a typo cause it’s 2.4 in the one I’m using but good eye though and thanks for trying to help out.

Thanks for trying to help, good eye also.

Sorry for the delay I was out fishing :)!
Take a look at this link and how my machine is set up including the configuration file that you got.

I don’t care much for LPS connections internal to the smoothie board.
It sounds like you may have the wrong polarity PWM signal. (laser fires when cover open)

There are multiple ways to set up your connection between the smoothie and the LPS. I suggest following my approach as it is well-proven and will be easier to troubleshoot remotely.

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no sweat, I was hoping i didnt run you off, i have done your set up before but not with your config so hopefully this works i have a feeling it might but ive been on hopium for over a month but least i know now that everything works… its just me. hope your fishing went well. hopefully i return with good news.

Well I need you to send me that config again
if you would please, i cant seem to locate it.

found it. nevermind

well no luck, it doesnt work, now nothing works.