Starting mid program. I am getting pretty frustrated with this.

Starting mid program.

I am getting pretty frustrated with this. Is there something I am missing? Im trying to start a project back up in mid program. Is there anyway to skip to the line of grbl you want to start at in cncjs?

I’ve tried deleting lines from the grbl file, and yes that works, but it took me 2 hours to delete a small chunk of gcode. Just highlighting and scrolling… forever, and ever, and ever…

I’m hoping there is a simple answer and I’m just being dumb. Any advice is appreciated.

Sorry, no experience with cncjs. bCNC has an editor organized by blocks. So you can remove chunks at a time.
Sorry can’t be of more help.

I am using Notepad++ with line numbers being shown on the screen. Still manual file editing, but can be done relatively quick.

I run cncjs and I have not been able to find anything on this topic. But there has to be a way. If you find anything let us know and I will do the same.

@Edward_Bigham I found a l better way sort of. After I post process Fusion 360 loads the grbl into Brackets (Program). From there you can just delete everything from the beginning up until where you would like to start again and save program and open in cncjs. To avoid scrolling for hours you just go down to the line you want, highlight, and then press ctrl + Shift + Home and it will autohighlight all the way to the beginning.

Justt make sure your z heights are where you want them to be in the program before you save.