Stainless steel Prusa i3.

Stainless steel Prusa i3.


That’s gotta be heavy.

But my god is it beautiful…

Would love to hAve oNe of These!!

I’ve not collected it yet but i bet it is heavy!! I am using all black printed parts and i am going to polish the steel, should look slick.

Uh - why don’t I see any mounting holes?

The guy said he tried cutting the holes but it made a mess. I am going to drill and tap the holes

mmm hand tapping SS, my favourite pastime. may i suggest a cutting compound

I’m just curious about how was this cut? Plasma, laser or water jet? My guess is plasma due to the heavy sanding all around, but could be wrong.

@Jon_Caywood correct. CNC plama, thats why the holes couldn’t be cut.

You will need cobalt drills and taps. I tried the cheaper stuff and it just breaks.

Consider doing some research before drilling stainless or experiment with it if you’ve not done it before. It work hardens very easily and if you don’t drill at the right speed or feed it will harden and then you’ll have a really hard time getting through it.

Use water while drilling as well… Patience and coolant…

Eek, rather you than me! I hated the taping of my aluminium frame never mind stainless! Very nice looking though :slight_smile:

Is there a real bill of materials anywhere with final counts of what you’ll need to assemble it?

for a moment i thought it was printed and i almost fainted … LOL