SquareLine studio

Do anybody have experience working on SquareLine Studio development program. I am building a new electro Steel guitar and are currently designing the touch screen and controller. On the Main screen I select a second page which I will then select cords, when I go back to the main screen. I need to see the selected cord on the small center screen called “Selected Chord”. I struggle to get the selected Chord showing up on that small screen.
Do anybody know how to do it?


More to my project. Attach the end product of the touch screens that I will using to do the setup on my Electro Steel Guitar project.
Screen 3 will be my Main screen where it will navigate to the other screens which work well on the animation in program tester.
The controller I am using is a “ESP32 display-4.3 Inch HMI Display 480x272 RGB TFT LCD Touch Screen SKU: DIS06043H”.
The issue is when I upload the code to the board it give me a message that the board is incompatible.
Do anybody have any experience with SquareLine studio code.
The program is a very nice program to design your own screen but poorly supported.