Spindle not starting xPro v5 HY VFD

Hi All,

I have almost completed my first CNC build now using an xPro V5 with HY VFD, a 1.5kw spindle, but have run into an issue with controlling the spindle from the xPro V5 via the HY VFD.

I am able to control the spindle directly from the VFD, I can start, speed it up, I can slow it down and stop etc.

All of my stepper motors and limit switches work fine via the xPro V5 (I have been using CNCjs software to control the machine).

However I cannot get the spindle to respond via the xPro V5. I have been trying for 2 days now to get it to work. It will not spin.

  • I have flipped the switch on the xPro V5 from EN/PMW over to RS485.

  • I have connected the RS485 A pin on the xPro V5 to RS+ on the VFD

  • I have connected the RS485 B pin on the xPro V5 to RS- on the VFD

  • I have programmed the VFD with the following settings:

PD001 = 2

PD002 = 2

PD163 = 1

PD164 = 1

PD165 = 3

  • I have entered the following into CNCjs: $spindle/type=huanyang (I have also tried H2A)

  • This is what I see:

    • $spindle/type=huanyang

    • Ok

  • I do not get any other messages. I was expecting to see some kind of confirmation of connectivity. I get no error messages.

  • If I enter “M3 8000” or try to start the spindle using CNCjs M3 buttons nothing happens.

  • I have checked the cabling and used a multimeter to check for continuity.

  • The RS485 cable is not near the Spindle cable. I don’t think it is any kind of electrical/ magnetic interference because the comms do not seem to be working, and the spindle does not start.

Do I need to change the jumper in the VCD from the way it was shipped? The jumper block is currently connecting the right and middle pin.

Have I missed a setting? Is there anything you can suggest? Please help :frowning:

Thanks in advance

I should add that my VFD Model is HY01D523B


Did you ever get anywhere with this ? I’m asking as i have a similar setup and it peeked my curiosity ?


I ended up abandoning the RS cable and just using the Pulse Width signal. All working fine with that.

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I think there were a few steps to that connection method other than just setting to HY.
You should see it connect in the start up text in the console i believe, but if your happy with PW signal, file it under nice to know :slight_smile: