Spending the christmas holidays printing...

Spending the christmas holidays printing… Can’t stop - it’s awesome!
The first (test) object was the #ultimaker robot - see post.
I’m a newbie, but adaptive - hope I can print my own designs as soon as possible :slight_smile:

How do you like the ultimaker?

So far I am very pleased. The first things were great - without modifying the settings.
By now I’m hooked on printing :wink:

Can you do flexible materials?

Thanks for the feedback @Kay_Luddecke , I’m trying to gather feedback from real users of various machines so I can make recommendations. I do love my Prusa Mendel but it’s not for people who “just want to print something” :slight_smile:

PLA, which I use, has a high elastic modulus. But I haven’t print something flexible till now.

It’s highly addicting :slight_smile:

you will do a lot less clean printerbed taping over time :wink:

I want one!!! @Jeff_Karpinski looking for Sketchup tutorials? Check out http://www.MasterSketchup.com