Speed issue

(Gabriele Rubbi) #1

Greetings everyone!
I’m using LW4 since a couple of week, and I love it!
Just one thing, I’m not able to set the jog speed:
while moving with Jog control, during Check size and while cutting it looks like it goes at 400 mm/s
Even changing X/Y Jog speed, or the feed rate it’s doesn’t change.
What can I do?
Thanks everyone!


(Roberto Fernandez) #2

Which control board have you?
Is the setting in le correct? Correct board selected, grbl, smoothie, Marlin, …


(Gabriele Rubbi) #3

Hi Roberto, thanks for your reply!
First of all sorry, I’m a total newb, I’ll try my best :slight_smile:
I have a Bachin Laser 4050 with, I attach the board picture.
Default GRBL version was a custom one, I updated to the last released (1.1f) and I solved a lot of problems doing it.
I think settings on LW4 are the key, I don’t know if I set up correctly (I suppose yes even if sometimes it gives me the error “Code out of machine bounds” :frowning: )
Can I share the json of settings here? Is it useful?



(Roberto Fernandez) #4

Here are a lot of info to configure grbl and le settings.