Sorry for the sh*tty video quality,

(Jon Burroughs) #1

Sorry for the sh*tty video quality, but with a few tweaks of the NoisePlayground example’s parameters, I’m starting to get some crazy effects! This LED stuff is too much fun!

(Randal B) #2

oh man, looking forward to putting this to use on my installation!

(Daniel Garcia) #3

That’s not even all the parameters that will be available to tweak. I’m about to get on a cross country flight and guess what I’ve got in my bag to entertain me in the air.

Oh, and things may get 2-5x faster by the time I land, depending on how many octaves one plays with :wink:

(Jon Burroughs) #4

Oh, by the way, did you add 100 LED minimum to WS2812’s, even if you set it to >100?

(Jon Burroughs) #5

I may have been interpreting the serial print data wrong then

(Daniel Garcia) #6

it’s also possible that it is not entirely accurate - depends on whether or not the millis clock adjustments works - and i’mnot sure it’s working on the teensy right now.