Sorry couldn't figure out how to post in an existing discussion.

Sorry couldn’t figure out how to post in an existing discussion. Just wanted to show my progress with a project I had asked for help with.

That’s very nice - is it big enough to wear? (not for my huge heed!)

I actually have a very large head (most hats do not fit me) and because I am using ws2812b chips there are only 3 wires coming off of each, and 2 arduino micro and 1 nano running it all. As a matter of fact I still have room for the 15 hour battery pack in the back of the helmet. I went with a metalized blue paint instead of chrome (only because I wouldn’t have settled for anything but a mirror finish and that would mean a 600$ real chrome job) and I am wearing a blue with white stripe adidas track suit with EL tape for the striped with blue and white high tops with the adafruit firewalkers example on them :slight_smile:

That looks awesome. Nicely done!
…as I now open my music folder to go play a certain duo’s music…

(And yes, G+ doesn’t have any way to add images/video to existing posts. You should be able to add links to an existing post though.)

Still need some help with the coding though, I would like some scrolling text and maybe some blinking eyes. My brother is currently building his and he has left the electronics and code up to me, much larger matrix and vertical will most definitely pose some problems as far as copy and paste is concerned.

Cool… As inspiration have a look at Leage of Legends, the champion Sona with the skin djsona

Why multiple micros? Surely a single Teensy 3.1 would do all the work?
For text and eyes you may be able to use my cLEDText & cLEDSprite classes. They both rely on my cLEDMatrix class which makes it very easy to change a project to cope with matrix’s wired up in different ways.

@Aaron_Liddiment Thank you, I have definitely been messing around with your awesome code and the text is perfect. The problem I am having now is implementing both your code and the animation you are seeing in the video. I am extremely new at arduino programming and have very limited time to dig right into it. I will definitely be looking into your sprite program for messing around with eyes and probably a beating heart, Cylon eye, EKG pulse, etc.

Also the reason I am using multiple micros is mainly because I did not know you could run multiple programs from a single teensy. I bought a bulk order of micro’s and Nano’s and they have a small footprint so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Combining my text with your existing animation should be possible, I could give you a hand if you like?

That would be awesome!! I am more than willing to learn, but I am very inexperienced. Please bare with me as I try and stumble my way through something that is wayyyyy over my head :slight_smile:

That being said I love your text program, and the possibility of the sprites is also fantastic. I tried messing around with the sprite program yesterday, I do understand the basic concepts of it as I have done simple animations for a max7129 before. I couldn’t seem to fully wrap my head around the complexity of the program.

Oh and I should also mention that this is most definitely not my animation :slight_smile: it is the ColorPalette example included with the FastLED library, but just so happens to look fantastic on a matrix.

ok, I presume you have just changed the first few lines to match your configuration (#defines), what are they now?
Can you tell me how your matrix is wired: zigzag or not, which corner is led 1, and the matrix x/y dimensions?

Yes you are correct, but when I change the (#defines) it has a conflict of the matrix definition vs the strip definition.

My matrix is a zigzag configuration, horizontal, bottom right is led 1, and it is 7 tall by 28 wide.

Try this
I haven’t run it myself, but it does compile ok :wink:
I was going to talk you through the changes but I think it would have got confusing, so I thought a pastebin would be better :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I have tried to run it and nothing seems to be happening, none of the leds seem to be responding. But like you said it does compile properly :slight_smile: which is wayyyyy closer than I had ever made it.

The PIN number define is set to the right pin?

You betcha, and in the matrix width and height line I found a (-) before, which was inconsistent with your other text examples, still nothing.

Alright I don’t think the problem is on your end, I tried just a plain text example of yours and it had previously worked, now it does not. I will try using another arduino, but I am having problems with arduino 1.6.5 at the moment so I had to uninstall and it screwed my drivers for my uno and mega and what not, the only ones I can seem to use are my micro’s and nano’s. I will get back to you on this :slight_smile:

Oh and the problem was defiantly the controller, I switched to a nano and it fired right up :slight_smile: guess the micro just couldn’t hack your awesome code

Awesome, got it to work!! The problem I seem to be having now is that the text keeps scrolling even after the other animation has started. looks cool on some lol, but others is just a hot mess.

Ok, I have just run the code up on an 8x8 matrix I have to hand and it does work.
The - (minus sign) before the width in the matrix definition line is telling the code that the right hand led is the wired origin but the left side will be logical 0 for the x axis.
Also of note is that I am using a Teensy with lots of memory, not sure how much you have on the boards you are using. It compiled up as 20,468 program and 3,908 ram, but you also have to allow some extra ram for local variables.