Somebody clearly noticed that DLink's best product may be the power supply orphaned after

Somebody clearly noticed that DLink’s best product may be the power supply orphaned after their network devices inevitably suffer early death…
…in that it also happens to be a sweet BeagleBone Black power unit! (I’ve got two in service)

But, wow. $10.99 is a LOT for a 5V 2.5A power supply. I’ll be surprised if they sell many at that price!

it’s like buying a cheap USB hub in order to get a 5V/2A PSU and then throwing away the hub, in this case it has already been thrown away…

I have a few Dlink power supplies like that. Very clean output and large gauge wiring compared to the cell phone chargers.

Any readily available 5V/2-3A PSUs with 5.5mm x 2.5mm out there?

I have used this exact power supply in many, many projects. As stated above, very clean, reliable output.

I pick these up at local thrift stores on 50%-off Saturdays for about a buck. I should probably stop now.

@Eric_Brombaugh I have like a dozen PSUs from all these TI EVMs here…

My experience with D-link is the exact opposite - my network devices run great for a year or two, then they start getting very erratic. This is resolved completely when I give them a fresh power supply.

Don’t let that stop you from using it for the Beagle, of course! But don’t throw out that router/switch/whatever just yet.

@Jeff_Osier-Mixon I’m glad you’re getting better mileage out of your DLink stuff Jeff!
I certainly always appreciated DLink for their low prices, but after losing multiple network switches to even after running them only on UPS backups, I had to switch to Netgear.
That said, I really, really like this power supply!