Some results of my new Form 1 3d printer.

(Joshua Updyke) #1

Some results of my new Form 1 3d printer. So far the resolution seems amazing. The software is pretty easy to use as well and out of the box we didn’t have much trouble setting it up.

I have had a few parts not stick to the build platform, but that is not too uncommon and I have had the same issue with my RepRap and Makerbots. I think it is a matter of getting the settings right and learning the machine. But here are some photos.

(Joshua Updyke) #2

We will see how tough the material is. I don’t know how long the gears will hold up. But there is only one real way to find out. lol

(D Myers) #3

I’m wondering the same thing about the toughness of this plastic before I jump in. My experience says this stuff is a little more brittle than ABS. They do look good. Anxious for your next post.

(Joshua Updyke) #4

I have worked with SLA parts from places like QuickParts. Those have been brittle and do not take impacts well. But the support material that I have cut off feels pretty tough. I ordered a UV lamp to really cure that parts after they come out. I was tired of waiting of a sunny day in Pittsburgh PA.

(D Myers) #5

I here you. Over here in Phoenixville PA (just outside Philly). Looking forward to the build. The nice thing about ABS is the natural lubrication aspects, kind of like Teflon.