Some printing at 100 mm/s with ABS,

Some printing at 100 mm/s with ABS, sorry for my bad fixing of the fan but what the heck, it is still a prototype.

Looks pretty nice Martin, what temperature are you using in your extruder?

This was at 230 degrees.

Hi Martin,
Is that your custom core x/y manchine or some other model? It does look like it’s handling the speed well.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Ivor, this is my prototype rig built from scratch for testing different design ideas before I start to build the real one.

A test rig… good idea that. Bowden drive for that sort of speed then?

Can you print this at the same speed? That would be truly impressive.

Yes, it is a bowden drive. I will give it a try tomorrow Thomas.

@Shauki I belive you are wrong Shauki, the distance is 50 mm on the long side, when analyzing the video the distance take approx 0.48 sec, this means close to 100 mm/sec. Correct?