Some interesting development going on here.

Some interesting development going on here. Even if it’s not a daily driver, the scripting engine alone will probably make it useful for the odd print here and there.

I’m disappointed that this isn’t FOSS. It’s not like they don’t have a successful hardware business to support the project. The RepRap movement and, in turn, E3D’s business, would not exist without FOSS.

Agreed. Closed source and commercial. They can keep it. The fact that after 2 years of development its still rubbish gives you an indication of fast they will develop and integrate new features. S3D has paved the way for accepting snail pace development. Goodluck with the makerbot model guys.

Oh and if you think this is different. Makerbot also played the opensource game till it suited them not too. How many times has Sanjay said were committed to the opensource community. There are many ways to make money off a opensource product. Anyway maybe this software is #justnotforme