Some fotos of the end effector v6.5 with the new J-Head 12 HiFlow and

(Alex Skoruppa) #1

Some fotos of the #Carbonoid end effector v6.5 with the new J-Head 12 HiFlow and some things I’ve printed with it. Around 1.5 kg PETG for a herd of elephants and some PLA for a Q-Tip Dispenser. No high-temp filament so far. I like the sharp nozzle which prevents PETG pretty effectively from building up around the nozzle tip. I had not a single issue with the hot end so far. It seems to be as reliable as the predecessors I have installed on my Deltas which are the MKV, 2 x MK8 and 2 x MK10.

(ThantiK) #2

Is that a Flex3DDrive or a Zesty on there? How do you like its performance?

(Alex Skoruppa) #3

@ThantiK it’s a Flex3Drive G4. I have them installed on all my Carbonoids. They work great, are really light and ideal for a Delta.

(Griffin Paquette) #4

I’m surprised that technique for extruders on delta machines hasn’t taken off more. Your results over the last year or so demonstrate that they can be quite good.

Nice work Alex. Where will we be able to see your awesome prints once G+ is gone? Going to Reddit?

(Alex Skoruppa) #5

@Griffin_Paquette thanks a lot! I guess I and Reddit will not become friends. I don’t like the interface. I’ve signed up with MeWe which looks pretty much like G+. I also look in Tom’s forum from time to time but haven’t signed up so far.

(Mutley3D) #6

Good Job! :slight_smile:

(Alex Skoruppa) #7

@Mutley3D Thank you Jason, your Flex3Drive G4 extruder contributed a lot to the results!